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Our Slidell truck accident attorney delivers over 50 years of solid personal injury practice experience.  Throughout the years, this attorney has negotiated settlements worth millions of dollars and won complicated personal injury and wrongful death cases in the truck accident arena.  Our truck accident attorney will be able to answer the many legal questions you will have after an accident occurs.


Trucking Accidents With Injury Require Special Expertise

Our Slidell LA Truck Accident Lawyer has assisted individuals that have sustained serious injuries in car and truck wrecks. Our attorney has represented people hurt by faulty manufactured items, harmed through medical malpractice or received injury while they were on another individual’s business or residential property.

Our Slidell Truck Accident Attorney understands that grievous personal injuries have forever altered the client’s daily lives and those of the immediate family as well.  Generally all the hopes and dreams, strategic financial planning for life events and retirement plans are shattered, or at the very least put at risk. Our knowledgeable legal team, is devoted to the strong advocacy it requires to safeguard those things so that you can be at peace and focus on your recovery. We bring personal injury claims before the court, and we hold the perpetrators liable.

We Can Provide Assistance Following a Truck Accident

If you or a loved one has suffered traumatic injury in an accident involving a commercial truck of any size, it is very important that you look for the guidance of an experienced truck accident lawyer who can assist you through this difficult time. To set up a complimentary preliminary assessment at our Slidell LA  law firm, call 985- 288-2898 or contact us online.

We deal with all types of Personal Injury claims on a contingency fee premise including those stemming from truck accidents. In simple terms means that you don’t require any payment up front to get your case handled by our firm. If you are physically not able to stop by our workplace we can certainly send the team to you.
Truck drivers are specially schooled in order to get their CDL license and these professionals are held to a significantly greater scale of competency than other types of motorists. Whenever these large, heavy vehicles are tangled up in collisions, the capacity for severe bodily damage is incredibly high.

If you or a loved one have been seriously hurt in a collision including an 18-Wheeler or delivery truck,  look for the help of an extremely experienced Louisiana truck accident attorney immediately.

To discover your rights and exactly how we can support you in the acquisition of a settlement, get in touch with our Slidell Personal Injury Law Firm at 985-288-2898

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Slidell, Louisiana

In our Slidell Personal Injury Law Firm, we have appeared as attorney of record for many victims that were seriously hurt and desperately needed  a 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Slidell LA. Our understanding of the kinds of damages that frequently take place in these kinds of crashes and the enormity of the health care that is generally needed to support the injured person’s healing, enables us to be far more pro-active toward securing reasonable compensation for your injuries.

Our Slidell, LA 18 wheeler accident lawyers work with customers in crashes occurring for any reason, consisting of:

– Distracted operation of a motor vehicle.
– Weight offenses and unsafe payloads
– Speeding.
– Failing to preserve a safe stopping range
– Risky operating in unfavorable climate condition
– Truck operator’s tiredness
– Intoxicated motoring.
– Irresponsible truck upkeep.

Go Over the Details of Your Incident With Our Slidell Truck Accident Attorney.

To set up a complimentary preliminary assessment with a knowledgeable Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Slidell, LA call the Slidell Truck Accident Attorney at 985-288-2898 or connect with our firm by means of e-mail. Don’t forget we deal with all personal injury proceedings on a contingency fee basis.


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